What My Blog is About


I finally decided to write a blog.

This is a blog about so many things, it's almost immpossible to list them all!  It's about art, work, life, love, goals, dreams, and how I can creatively weave all these subjects and more into my life. It's about approaching everything creatively, and then implimenting those woven strands into my daily life step by step, making my web of dreams become real. Some posts will focus on the art I am creating through various mediums, oil painting being my favorite. Other posts will focus on various ways I collect my thoughts, and what I am implementing into my life at any point. Posts will come about once a week (ish!), and will communicate the focus of the blog through the subject matter, leaving you free to read whatever you feel is relevant to what you wish to know! 

Thank you, and I welcome you to accompany me on this journey!