Why I must create art

I knew at an early age that I wanted to create art. I was a very active, creative child. I made up games, had imaginary friends, climbed trees, and explored in the woods all the time! I would create waterscapes and dams in the creek by my house, and playscapes ou rof the trees and vines in our woods. I would lead the group of children in my neighborhood on adventures and games, making things up as I went along. When I was 12, I was in one particular tree in the woods in back of my house (yes! I still climbed trees! I would climb trees now if the opportunity presented itself!) I looked around the tree I was in, and was struck by the beauty of everything around me. I twas one of those early spring days, warm and sunny in New England, just before leaf-out when you can see the green bud just about bursting out, and I thought, "I wish everyone could see this beauty and magic!" I thought that if they could, they would see what I saw, and feel the love that I felt at that moment. With that I had a bold of inspiration. I would draw it! I climbed out of the tree, ran into the house to get my notebook and a pencil, and climbed back up in the tree with them. I carefully drew out the branch and bud! ...  But here is where my journey stopped. While I had successfully drawn what I had seen, others did not share my enthusiasm upon viewing my drawing. I was met with adversity. I was surrounded by people that things that if you are meant to do something, you will automatically have the skills to accomplish this. There is no skill building or learning process in this perspective. There is only talent which you have, and then perfect. One thing was clear by everyone who surrounded me at the time. I couldn't draw (even though I HAD drawn the branch and bud in a very realistic fashion - the response I got was 'Eh. Anyone can do that. You are nothing special, that doesn't mean anything!'). So, I let that defeat me. I did not practice, or work to build my skill. I echoed that truth. I couldn't draw.

Fast forward to age 20, I had another powerful epiphany. This time, there were 3 revelations. One was that I knew I would be a student my whole life. I would be constantly learning. The second was that my life would be dedicated to the Earth (exploring, studying, loving). The third was that I was meant to be an artist. I was meant to paint, to portray what I saw around me and within me to others in the form of visual arts which would communicate what I saw and felt. I was meant to communicate the beauty I saw around me, but also the pain I felt within me, and the healing and hope I experienced too. There was still one problem I was telling myself - I couldn't draw! This time, however, I had people around me who knew the truth - that there is no such thing as talent. That I could learn to draw! They told me this, and pointed me in the direction of  'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain', and it was there that I started my artistic skill building!

It's been 24 years since I started this journey. Life has certainly sunk it's teeth in me! It's taken me a long time to devote full time to my art. There have been so many obstacles, both internal and external. I have overcome so much just to get to the foot of this mountain to express my soul's call to be creative, and to use various mediums (oil, photography, graphite) to express the beauty I see around me and communicate the emotions I feel. I have started this journey with art with the Earth and nature, which is where I started my spiritual journey. I see clearly where I have come, and where I am going too. 

Thank you for joining me and witnessing my evolution. This is only the beginning!